Metcal to Launch New GT Adjustable Temperature Soldering Systems
CYPRESS, CA ― May 18, 2020 ― Metcal today announced plans to launch its new GT90 and GT120 Soldering Systems. The GT90 and GT120 offer market leading performance due to their use of inductive heating technology and are Metcal’s first platforms with adjustable temperature offered to the market.

The GT family of soldering systems are the only products in the market to offer the combination of inductive heating technology with adjustable temperature. This gives the GT systems a significant performance advantage with much faster time to temperature, thermal recovery and temperature stability during soldering over resistive heating systems offered by competitors in the same product category.
The GT90 is a single port soldering station, utilizing a 90-watt power supply and best-in-class performance vs. competitive 75-120-watt systems. It is compatible with Ultrafine and Standard tips and is ideal as a cost-effective solution for single iron applications on the production line. 

The GT120 is a single port soldering station utilizing a 120-watt power supply and offers performance greater than competitive 150-200-watt systems and equivalent performance to much more expensive 250-watt systems.  The GT120 is compatible with Ultrafine, Standard and High Thermal Demand tips and can be used for any type of single iron soldering application.  

“With performance greater than anything offered in the market today, and the capability of handling the tiniest of components to the most demanding thermal load applications, the GT120 is the highest performing and most versatile soldering station available in the market today.  It is ideal for production soldering, R&D labs, applications with extremely high thermal loads and soldering under a microscope.” said Joshua Edberg, Director of Marketing for Metcal. 

Both units are supplied with an external power supply, allowing for a more compact design to save space on the bench, and improve the quality and life of the system.  They also offer an intuitive user interface, password protected programs for temperature lockout and range selection, as well as a USB port to update software and power peripherals such as fans, lights, cameras or even a cell phone.

The complete system for each model includes a soldering station with an external power supply, one hand-piece, and a work-stand to support a variety of soldering and rework applications using the associated tips and cartridges.

For more information about any of Metcal’s electronics assembly bench tool solutions, visit metcal.com.

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